SPOC^2 == Self Powered Outdoor Computing Case

The phyisical computing’s revolution, opened the door for spreading sustainable tehcnologies everywhere around us; An arduino can easily control and automate any kind of enviroment trough electric and elctronic devices; A router board can bring internet and connect any geographical corner of this planet in a free, open, distributed and optimal way trough mesh networking. A raspberry can easily do both in one, and many, many more are coming or they’re already out there! I really think they now deserve the chance to freely live everywhere by their own life with their linux soul! SPOC^2 devices are designed to make this real! SPOC^2 act as a box for the above platform, repairing them from bad weather, implementing safe external connections and easy maintenance systems. SPOC^2 also guarantee them life, by exploiting renewable energies as sun and wind as power supply. Our line of SPOC^2 devices is called freeDot and as for the devices they are gonna host it’ll be “100% Open Hardware” and as much DIYable as possible, using easily findable and standardized components, recyclable materials and Open Source 3D Printing Technologies (Reprap) as primary manufacturing technology.

ArdufreeDot Sun powered outdoor cases (SPOC^2) for arduino based projects.

FreedotOne The Wind&sun powered outdoor cases for routerboards, networking and other devices which have an higher power requirements.

FreedotPi Our SPOC^2 cases line for raspberry.

Giuseppe Porsia